American Express offering voucher redemptions up to 25% lesser MR points


American Express offers voucher redemption up to 25% less MR points

on the part of open function The campaign, where American Express is rolling out a lot of promotions for the festive season, American Express is now offering a redemption offer to members.

American Express has one huge list of vouchers It also offers redemption against membership rewards, and these are usually spent at INR 0.25 worth per membership rewards point. The redemption value is the same as the value received on the statement credit.

However, for a brief moment, as of November 7, 2021, American Express is offering a 33% increase in the value of these redemptions on certain brands. An INR 1000 voucher will cost less points for these brands, as listed below. The discount on marks ranges from 7% to 25%, but is essentially 25%.

If you’re looking to redeem some of your Membership Rewards points in exchange for shopping vouchers, this might be a good time to get them for less.

ground level

American Express is offering an opportunity to get vouchers up to 33% less points till November 7, 2021 on select brand vouchers including Amazon and Tanishq. Use this opportunity to get some gifts for less.

I hope this promotion helps some of you get the most out of your American Express Points.

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