AmEx Upgrades Travel Benefits on Platinum Travel Credit Card


American Express now comes with enhanced travel benefits on the Platinum Travel Credit Card. The monetary value of membership reward points on redemption against Taj Stay Vouchers has been increased and the number of complimentary domestic lounge visits has also been increased. these are the changes With effect from 1st September 2021.

AMEX Platinum Travel Credit Card Taj Voucher

Better Travel Benefits:

The American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card becomes even more profitable in terms of travel benefits. The card issuer has made the following two changes with respect to the travel benefits offered by the Platinum Travel Credit Card-

  • Enhanced value of Membership Reward Points on redemption against Taj Stay Voucher- The monetary value of Membership Reward Points on redemption against Taj Stay Vouchers has been increased to Rs. 0.50 rewards point per subscription. You can now redeem your 10,000 Reward Points for Taj Vouchers of Rs.5,000 and 20,000 Reward Points for Taj Stay Vouchers of Rs.10,000.
  • 2 per quarter complimentary domestic airport lounge access:- Now you will get 2 complimentary domestic airport lounge visits every quarter instead of 1 complimentary lounge visit every quarter.

Reward rate change:

The reward rate of Platinum Travel Credit Card has also been changed. Now you earn 2 Membership Reward Points per Rs. per Rs. 100 spent with the card instead of 1 membership reward point. 50. It may sound similar, but earlier if you were spending Rs 50, you were getting 1 reward point, now you will not get any reward point if you spend less than Rs 100. This can be considered a slight depreciation of the card. at the rate of reward.

ground level:

Welcome to upgrade to the travel benefits you get with the Platinum Travel Credit Card American Express. With Taj Stay Vouchers, you get more complimentary lounge visits and better rewards redemption rates. Now If you spend Rs 4 lakh on this card, you can redeem your points for a Taj voucher worth Rs 24,000 and also get a Rs 10,000 Taj voucher as a milestone benefit. so you’re getting a 8.5 percent reward rate 4 lakh rupees

However, at the same time, AmEx has also slightly reduced the card’s reward rate as you now earn 2 Membership Rewards Points per Rs. 100 for 1 Membership Reward Point. 50. We may see similar changes on other American Express credit cards in the future.

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