Best SBI travel and fuel Credit card for rewards and cashback

To save on your daily fuel expenses, you can opt for a dedicated fuel credit card. Many credit cards waive fuel surcharges. This article mentions the best credit cards for fuel that SBI banks offer to their customers to help them make substantial savings on fuel charges. These cards usually have an annual charge that ranges between zero and Rs 1,000. The interest rates charged on these cards usually vary between 3.25% per month and 3.40% per month. Here are the best credit cards for fuel in India that offer extra benefits like cashback, co-branded benefits, and reward points.

What is a Fuel Credit Card?

Banks offer fuel credit cards to their customers to provide savings and benefits on fuel expenses. Typically, fuel credit cards are co-branded with national oil giants like Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited. Most of the fuel cards in India operate on reward points, where you can earn reward points every time you refill your vehicle. Later you can redeem these reward point

How to Choose the Best Fuel Credit Card?

Credit card payment patternWhen choosing the best fuel credit card, the most important thing is to identify the pattern of payment. The individual must look for a card that offers fuel benefits as well as best interest rates.
Fuel spending patternThe individual needs analyze his/her expenses and decide on the monthly budget that would be spent on fuel. This is quite important as availing a fuel credit card without analyzing this would not serve the purpose.
Fees and chargesConsidering the fees and charges associated with the fuel credit card that one intends to get also needs to be assessed prior to availing the card. If this is not done, the benefits and discounts that come with fuel credit cards may be negated by virtue of paying high fees and charges that are associated with the card.
Check the redemption process of the cardIt is better to check the redemption process of the fuel credit card. It is better to get those cards which offer instant redemption of points.

Benefits of Fuel Credit Cards

With many banks and financial institutions offering credit cards, the benefits that come with Fuel Credit cards differ. Apart from lowering the expenses with regards to purchasing fuel, some other benefits that come with Fuel Credit cards are as follows:

  • Get Reward Points
  • Redemption of points earned
  • Eligible for Cashback
  • Eligible for Surcharge Waiver
  • Dining offers
  • BookMyShow Offer
  • Eligible for Turbo Points
  • Waiver of Annual Fees
  • Can make utility bill payments
  • Eligible for Telecom benefits
  • Concierge Service

Top 10 SBI Fuel and travel credit cards


IRCTC SBI Card Premier

IRCTC SBI Card (on the RuPay platform)

Club Vistara SBI Card PRIME

Club Vistara SBI Card

Etihad Guest SBI Premier Card

Etihad Guest SBI Card


Yatra SBI Card

Air India SBI Signature Card

Air India SBI Platinum Card

Delhi Metro SBI Card

IRCTC SBI Platinum Card

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