what are the disadvantages and advantages of having multiple credit cards?

In today’s era, many people hold multiple credit cards. In such a situation, what are the disadvantages of holding multiple credit cards and what are the benefits for you. 

The question that arises in the minds of many people is whether having multiple credit cards is beneficial or harmful. Let us know about the advantages and disadvantages of credit cards:

Use a separate credit card for regular spending

There are many types of expenses in every house. You can use a separate credit card to collect household items. Keep the same limit on this credit card as you use for household expenses throughout the month.

With this card, you can buy groceries, hygiene items, toiletries, daily medicine, cooking gas, etc. You can use this card in both online and offline mode. You can earn reward points from this by shopping online on the App or Portal. 

Keep credit cards aside for emergency expenses

There are times when you need to buy money or something in an emergency. Then you do not understand where to raise money. Suppose if a health emergency strikes you, then you can use this credit card to avoid trouble. 

The limit of this card should always be kept high, as emergency expenses are high. But always keep in mind that always use this card only in case of emergency. Avoid using it in any other situation. 

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