Fyp Money Neo Bank देश की GenZ का नया बैंक अकाउंट


Neo Bank has changed the nature. Has been engaged in the work of giving information about etc., and has brought the youth of the country to become financially literate in his “Prepaid Card of Money of Five Year Plan”. Everyone knows that today’s youth is more knowledgeable than before Tech mind new- fit to be healthy and fit for that. So the bank has now introduced the age limit of 11 years to 18 years for yourself and your convenience.

If you’re a doctor’s kid, it’s from class and also Facility With regards to “Fyp Money Prepaid Card”, you will be accumulating battery again and again along with your conversation.

The “Fipe Money” card is a mimi card for today’s teens. Now you must be thinking that there is only such a number or CVV which will be online or online? Update such card online or offline so that we can enter your card information details. Is. This card has the right move.

  • You can mentor the “Fyp Money” app.
  • This app is useful for your news information.
  • How to manage investment

After the date is bad, this date will be spoiled.

The special feature of this case is that:-

card benefits description
Individual One card The card is for online or online reading.
Rewards Rewards on transaction Use Can do.
bill bills With the help of Fyp card, you can do billing help with your friends.
And Write newspapers at the store and can. Kesha has ended the youth with the doctor again and again.
Expenditure With this maintenance, you can keep an account of the cost and maintain it.
  • For “Fyp Money” according to Perot!
  • .
  • As to apply the application form will be ready soon.
  • to upload do Is. The number is also entered for any type of card.
  • to spend to spend

For example, Fyp Money app needs to be installed on the card and Aadhaar card has to be generated. ️Mount

Neo and Yes Bank have taken this card and the app servicers in mind. This card is a secured card in case the card is updated. This is a card for kids and it’s useful for your kids too. It’s a matter of concern.


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