Get 10% Cashback on Online Shopping Spends=


SBICard brings to us a pleasant surprise with an attractive 10% cashback offer of up to Rs.10,000 on online shopping – which is really generous for SBICard. Here’s a quick look at the promo.

base offer

  • Minimum Transactions: Rupee. 7500 (Minimum Swipe Amount on SBI/Tata Credit Card)
  • Maximum Cashback: Rs 1750 per card account (Expense: 17,500 INR)

bonus offer

  • Extra 8250 Cashback per card account Cumulative expenditure of Rs. 1,00,000 & up
  • For cumulative/total expense calculation, each individual transaction should be Rs.7500 and above

Maximum cashback in both the offers: 10,000 per card account.

It’s a good deal, because you can use it whether you’re shopping small (17.5K) or large (1L) during this festive season.


However the most important part of the offer is the eligibility. Not all transactions are eligible, only domestic e-commerce transactions in the categories listed below will be considered.

  1. apparel
  2. Automotive -Servicing & Accessories
  3. Departmental Stores and Grocery
  4. direct marketing
  5. Electronics & Electricals
  6. Entertainment & Music
  7. Furnishing and Hardware Shops

See detailed T&C for more details on the offer. It’s less complicated, except for the qualified txn type.

I wrote an email to Aurum Credit Card Support to which I received a callback within minutes – with confirmation that my previous txn offers made at Amazon and a few other merchants were eligible. They said my Amazon txn was “under”Apparel & Accessories“category and that’s Suitable for offer.

It looks like they have merchant type information, but unfortunately not immediately available. They need to check in with someone (pause for 2 minutes) and then update us.

I just shared feedback to show merchant category in stmt. I wish every bank did this for obvious reasons.

The Aurum team is definitely useful for this kind of quick callback support. This is certainly a luxury, considering that specialized SBIcard support is hard to reach and is less knowledgeable for such queries. I wish they expanded support for other cards as well, at least for Elite cards like the Aurum.

final thoughts

SBICard has a habit of running 10% cashback offer every year on Amazon (or) Flipkart during the big amazon/flipkart deal days and this year it seems they wanted to pass this benefit on to many other merchants. Well and so this type of offering is likely to come into the picture.

It is good to see such offers and I think we may also see a different Diwali offer in specific style which I don’t like (highest spenders offers). Anyway, let’s see.

What are your thoughts on this short and sweet deal by SBICard to save 10% on online shopping expenses?


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