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Axis Bank Premium Credit Card

Axis Bank has been quietly rolling out some lucrative sign-up offers on premium credit cards applied through branch/online recently and here is everything you need to know about them.

rich card offers

type signup offer
Choose Spend Rs 60,000 in 90 days for complete joining fee waiver
Magnus Spend Rs.1,20,000 in 90 days for complete joining fee waiver
reserve Spend Rs.3,00,000 in 90 days and get 50,000 extra reward points

Vistara Card Offers

type signup offer
Vistara (original) Spend Rs.30,000 in 90 days for complete joining fee waiver
Vistara Signature Spend Rs 60,000 in 90 days for complete joining fee waiver
Vistara Anant Spend Rs.1,20,000 in 90 days for complete joining fee waiver

All the benefits associated with the Vistara card such as welcome benefits, tier benefits and milestone benefits remain intact.

pay attention:

  • The above offer is applicable through all channels except “Upgrade” through Phone Banking.
  • Vistara offer is also applicable on upgrades but may run into fulfillment issues.
  • To be on the safe side you will need to receive a confirmation before processing through any channel.

still the offer will continue 30 September 2021 But I think it can be extended further due to Mastercard restriction.

I came across this information when I was trying to apply a card for someone in the family and it is quite a surprise to me that they are not actually promoting this sweet offer.

Also, this offer is applicable only for offline/online applications for now, but not through phone banking, as it is considered an upgrade route. The problem with applying offline is that Axis takes a lot of time to process the applications, like ~20 days ideally and you have no way to check the status.

I wish Axis fixes all their on-boarding problems soon. BTW, it looks like they have stopped taking add-on card applications, as pointed out by a reader. This actually happened to me ~ It’s a better decision than keeping the request for 6 months or more.

Is it eligible?

In my opinion this is a great offer, especially on the Select, Magnus, Vistara Signature and Infinite credit cards, as they come with great value. But Magnus is on the MasterCard network, so you can’t apply as long as there’s a restriction.

I am still not happy with reserve product offer and it is not looking good even with this offer maybe 100K points will help.

However, if you want to play golf, have lounge access and take advantage of airport benefits especially in metro cities, it still makes sense to hold one.

So Axis Select is the easiest to grab for free with this offer.

final thoughts

It is rare to be involved in such fee waiver proposals with Axis Bank and it is good to see them try them out during the pandemic. This makes sense for the bank as most cardholders will not be using the travel benefits anyway.

So if you think you can meet the expense criteria for Joining Fee Waiver, then this is a great opportunity.

What are your thoughts on the new Axis Bank sign-up offer? Feel free to share in the comments below.


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