HDFC Credit Card Spend based targeted offer for September 2021


HDFC Bank has just sent out targeted spend based offers to its card holders. Under this offer, HDFC Bank is providing vouchers for Amazon, Flipkart, Big Bazaar and Big Basket on meeting the spending target. To get these vouchers, the card holders need to spend the limit amount as informed by HDFC Bank in the email. Let us know about the details of the offer.

offer details

  • Proposal: Spend Rs. X to get vouchers of Rs. You
  • Period: 2 January 2021 to 31 January 2021
  • minimum cost: As mentioned in the email
  • the prize: Vouchers mentioned in the email
  • type: Not receiving communication from HDFC Bank as intended, not valid
  • Excluded Cards: Corporate Card, Commercial Card, Dealer Card, Distributor Card, Business Card, Value Plus Card and Staff Card
  • fulfillmentVouchers will be shared to eligible customers within 90 working days from the offer’s end date.
  • Source: E-mail, Website

questions to ask

I never get such targeted offers from HDFC Bank, what should I do?

You can do two things:

  • Make sure your email address is listed on their marketing list. Call customer care and add yourself if you never receive an email [email protected]
  • HDFC Bank extends these targeted offers to customers who spend less on HDFC credit cards. Try transferring your expenses to another credit card for a few months and see if the offer makes it to emailers.
I haven’t received the email from HDFC Bank, am I still eligible?

No, you are not eligible if you do not receive the email from HDFC Bank.

What is the sender’s email address and the subject of the offer emailer sent by HDFC Bank?

The offer is sent by “[email protected]” and the subject is “Your XXX Card = Extra Rewards”

How much do I need to spend and how much voucher will I get if I meet the spending criteria?

The spending target and voucher amount is based on the customer segment and is not the same for everyone. Refer to the offer emailer sent to you by HDFC Bank for details.

ground level

I have got this offer on my HDFC Infinia credit card where my spending has come down significantly. I got the spending target of Rs. 1,50,000 for vouchers of Rs. 3,000.

Overall this is a good offer and, in my case, this translates into an incremental reward rate of 2%, bringing the overall reward rate to around 5.3% which is amazing. However, I don’t think I will be able to utilize this offer as the spending target is too high.

Have you got this offer on your HDFC Bank Credit Card? What is your spending target and how much voucher amount will you get if you meet this goal? Let me know by leaving a quick comment below.


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