HDFC Infinia Metal Edition is officially launched


HDFC Infinia Metal Edition

HDFC Bank recently relaunched entry-level credit cards by the end of September 2021 and with this the HDFC Infinia Metal Card was also to be launched. For unknown reasons it was delayed by ~2 weeks but now Infinia Metal Edition is finally ready.

The Infinia Metal Edition comes with the following features/changes/additions

  • new metal card design
  • Ability to redeem points at 1:1 for Apple products / Tanishq vouchers (70:30 applies here as well)
  • No 2X Rewards on Meals (will be discontinued for non-metal cards with effect from 1st December’21)
  • Fee: 12.5K+GST (You get 12.5K points)
  • Fee waiver: 10 lakhs spent (instead of 8 lakhs)
  • Complimentary Club Marriott Membership for the First Year
  • Complimentary nights (2+1) and weekend buffet (1+1) at participating ITC hotels
  • And of course all the other features of the existing plastic Infinia.
  • meeting HDFC Infinia Metal Edition For more details visit HDFC Bank website.

The surprising thing here is that it’s t&c:

All product features (except welcome/renewal reward points) captured in the ‘Features’ tab are also applicable for Infinia cards prior to 18 October’21.

Which ideally means that your current Plastic Infinia is as good as the Metal Infinia except that it is not metal. So it looks like they just replaced the Infinia with the Infinia Metal.

first impressions


The current design on the plastic version looks much better than the metal version.

the profit:

  • Sad to see 2X go dining.
  • The benefits of ITC are good and can be useful for some.
  • Nice to see Apple/Tanishq redemption, but sad to see the 70:30 rule out there.

Overall, the updates and design are not exciting enough for me. However, if you are into the game of collecting rewards, Infinia still remains the “King of Credit Cards” in India.

How to upgrade?

The upgrade entitlement is likely to be rolled out in a phased manner, possibly initially to higher spenders. Expect a smooth upgrade process if you intend to upgrade from plastic to metal.

In addition, most likely the existing Plastic Infinia will remain at a 10K fee for those who want to stay. But this is contrary to the terms and conditions mentioned above on how it will be differentiated.

This Infinia plastic/metal upgrade has been received more like they did with HDFC’s new Diners 3601 Series upgrade. Anyway, we will get more clarity in a few days.

Checking with Infinia Support, they said that those who are eligible for the Metal Edition will receive an email with a link to upgrade to the FYF upgrade (on/before October 20th). Let’s wait and see!

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