ICICI Bank Platinum Chip Credit Card लाइफ टाइम फ्री


If you have deposited any credit card and you have also generated a credit card, then it has done so. Do you like this credit card Insurance Free for the time being. Card Card Cardholders have got a good card. With this type of credit card you can avail this type of credit card.


  • If you write on Accounts anyway, there is an expense of Rs 100 for the reports.
  • If you pay utility billing or insurance through the card, then for Rs.100, you can get 1 pay point.

The cost of these rewards points if you are related to Online Matter in any way as you see fit. Also in time you are fit for your in box details. 07 is a working day.

Benefits of Benefits :-

This credit card is coming with the service of Visa, so now you get the benefits of Visa such as emergency assistance service on this card. modified as such. card bamboo Do it

Scene shielding :-

  • I Pay Rs.2500 to make a re-payment.

collusion toll protection :-

  • Payment is done in India with this card. For this saving game, there will be a minimum pod of Rs.4000.

duties and customs :-

Topic description
joining price NULL
current price NULL
invoice fee

Eligibility & Importance Letter:-

pillar description
age, age Over 23 Years, Indian Resident
Business salary payment,
for the image 20,000/- per month
to work ITR format up to 06 lakhs. letter

However, a credit card is a normal card. Recording rewards with this card Point Not better, so it’s better to know what’s better for you and to make it better.


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