IDFC First Bank Millennia Credit Card


Credit Cards All credit and washing banks also buy these for their customers along with the new VAT for credit cards. Do Have to stay In Lynx, IDFC First Bank also replaced its 04 credit cards like Geming First Millennia, First Classic, First Select w First Wealth. Posted we will learn about this credit in the first millennium of IDFC First Bank Credit Card Card Cards. Advantages of this Hum card, Specifications, Rewards Points, Fee Charges as well as others are shared with you.

Benefits and Features of IDFC First Millennium Bank Credit Card:-

Joining Benefits –

  • This card is issued card to card and the card is available at a spad of Rs.15000/-, a welcome voucher of Rs.5,00/-.
  • You get up to 05% cashback if you pay your first EMI within the first 90 days of card issuance.
  • For clicking on the document the particle on the insect is getting milling of up to 25%.
  • Monthly post on more than 1500 WhatsApp will be on monthly salary of up to 20% on monthly basis.
  • On card game you get this Road A Seas Concling Milling up to Rs.1399/-. Nain running speed before the bus leaves.
  • This card is updated 04 times in every 03 months and there is one chance. Meaning that you can call 12 times in a year. This Facility is available in Delhi, New Delhi, Agra, Ahmedabad, Madurai and Kota. at these points One 02 To request the Baat card of Rs.
lounge City Know
executive Lounge Daily in this No.16, New Delhi Railway Station, Delhi
executive Lounge Raipur Guarantee No. 0-01, Ghaziabad Junction Railway Station, Rajasthan.
executive Lounge Agra Intent No-01, Agra Station Railway Station, Uttar Pradesh.
executive Lounge free State-of-the-art No-01, Mumbai Railway Station, Gujarati.
executive Lounge madurai Join Madurai, Madurai, .
executive Lounge quota First Floor, Nierin Quarry Office, Sealdah Railway Station, Kota.
  • 01% flower surcharge waiver of infected in any way is milling. Which can be up to 200/-.
  • Personal insurance cover of up to 02 lakhs will be available from this card.
  • You will get internal milling of up to 10%-30% on Spand from Card at merchants like Swiggy, Big-Basket WhatsApp Yatra. (* This time again and again.)
  • If you can Spade more than 03 thousand and you can able to EMI then you can convert to EMI from your mobile.

IDFC First Millennia Bank Credit Card

Rewards Points

As the name suggests, this card is designed for Millennials. This card is also in a position to be updated in this way. The bank says that the rewards of this card are going to be redeemed further.

  • 20 thousand rupees pod to 10X Rewards Points Points.
  • If you negotiate 20 thousand rupees or more from online store or offline store then it is 6X V 3X point meal.
  • Card Credits will be more time for your Record Cards and later on, this Reward Point will also expire in this Card anytime, anywhere for online or in-store purchases. Is.
  • None will be applicable for redeeming Rewards Points.

(1 x Rev point value = 1 rev point costing Rs 100 Value of 1 rev point = 0.25 paise)

pay fee:-

  • This is a valuable fee credit card, which is so high that it is charged.
  • 0.75% to 03% activity.
  • Nobody likes.
  • RewarderDumpson doesn’t like it.
  • It doesn’t matter on the environment.
  • The card has a choice of Rs.100/- for Rs.
  • Does not do any work to provide check/cash facility.

Fixed Value Customs Duty :-

total god zodiac legal limit
less than Rs.100/- NULL
500/- up to Rs. 100/-
5000/- up to Rs. 750/-
10000/- up to Rs. 1000/-
10000/- above 1000/-

(18% GST is applicable on the entire fee)

To sum it up:-

  • The person should be Indian.
  • Age should be more than 21 years.
  • Efficiency 25 Capability of Efficiency is also enabled.
  • Documents for applying ITR Other important documents if self-employed.

This credit card is giving remaining-good benefits to its customers. ️ You are Optional with IDFC First Millennia Bank Credit Card. This card is good which is good. In the direction of the card well, you will not have any updates of any kind when the credit card is recorded from the card.


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