Jupiter Zero Balance Saving Account With 1% Unlimited Cash Back


Jupiter Money! Have you also not accepted it as a matter of money on the planet Jupiter, which is moving round and round in space! Yes, how today we are Jupiter Money website, in such a way how Indian data has changed in digital form. Right now the website has early access and the company has given the facility of Federal Bank to fix its customers.

Jupiter Money Is Totally Completely Dressed Like This website app Through “Jupiter Zero Account Bank Account, Daily Card Card” to customers of destiny .

this company Website This is to login for the initial access to the website and later it is right to download the application on the company e-mail, so that you can picture your movie yourself. You can also download additional app from google play store by the name of Jupiter Money, still something new like mobile number linked with aadhar, variety of aadhar card and other important on Dr. can also open. open Get In the absence of that, they will be completely ready.

Even if the account will be opened in Jupiter Money, then it will do Presented Marriage.

It will give you a power card card along with a zero balance account. For every UPI transaction or debit card- it will be 1%. extra rewards Freeze” Is, Whoever secures this card will be charged free of cost.

Fee Payment Limits

Charges for Savings Account:-

mum Zero Employee (NULA)
interest on account from 2.5% p.a.

Digital Web Broadcasting Fee:-

Online Offline (RTGS/NEFT/UPI no charge ( nu )
Online IMPS/
  • Temperature 05 Error on execution.
  • 06 Conversation 1000 onwards imp-null
  • Effect from Rs.1000 to Rs.01 lakh- Rs.05 rejection.
  • Impact on 01 to 02 lakhs – Rs 10 rejection.

Bank Card ATM Fee :-

for officer bar card NULL
on card payment or payment NULL
ATMs other than Federing
  • 05 pregnancy free
  • According to 05 public relations, 20 rupees for behavioral information on conversational or 10 rupees for playing is lurking.
Limits on non-cash cash from ATM in case of non-transactional
  • From Federal Bank ATMs – Additional Charges
  • In other ATMs – Rs.25.
in the absence of NULL

Prabhat Apportionment Other Customs Duty :-

check book limits For 05 page check book – NULL

. Rs 60 for one-of-a-kind delivery may vary from others.

NEFT/RTGS from Bank
  • In one 05 verb on year – NULL.
  • 02 lakh to 05 lakh RTGS negotiation – Rs 20 on retaliation.
  • On RTGS above Rs.05 lakh – Rs.45 retrenchment action.
  • Impact on NEFT up to Rs.10,000 – Rs.02 representation.
  • Impact on NEFT up to Rs.10,001-01 Lakh – 04 Checked.
  • 1,00,001-02 Lakhs up to Rs.14 per NEFT check.
  • Impact on NEFT above Rs.02 lakh – Rs.20 rejection.
Long term impact (for address confirmation, photo verification, check book request, signature rick vest, bank etc.) 05 percent full amount spent in 01 year 100% reimbursed on the action rendered by you.

(Note – 18% GST is applicable on all charges separately)

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