Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Credit Card


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Required for card identification.

  • Features Credit card facility (features) :-
Features description
secure online lending This card completes the process of processing 3D Secure OTP which keeps your online convenience secure.
digital fixation With the card you can enter BharatQR, Bharat Bill Payment Solution, Samsung pay.
contact card It’s with Contact Us feature you can fast check, and site.
Other payment by EMI No one will spend up to 05 lakhs on the credit card at a lower interest rate than the card. You can also reduce the stan chart in your card up to 05 lakhs from other credit credit cards at a more extra low interest rate.
loan facility You can do 10 lakh loan on this credit card. Rate 0.99% for ___________ for Manto. You will get this loan through NEFT in 02 to 03 minutes.

  • Banks can change the features.
take anything on emi You can pay less EMI to help your 02 thousand plus. There will be a cost effective of 1.5% for this process. Note the fully fixed limit is the 03% limit.

Benefits of Return Rewards Credit Card :-

  • Up to 100% of payment to account in Forest He Reaction halo.
  • Information Rewards If you spend Rs.150 on winnings, 05 card points are 60.
  • Petrol from this card
  • For shopping of Rs.150 in any other category, this card is available at 01 parv.
  • If you spend 60 thousand rupees in a year from the card, then this fee will be paid.
  • It is important for you to keep the card active till 31st October. A Rs 500 card should work in conjunction with a Rs 500 if specifically needed in 30 forms of the card. This offer is till 31 October 2021.

Fee charges for Feerewards Credit Card :-

duty fee toll amount details
price for card Rs.250/-
advertising interest rate 3.75% per month (April 45%)
Fee on payment fee (from 01 May 2021) less than Rs.100 – nu

Rs 101 to Rs 500 – Rs 100

Rs.501 to Rs.5000 – Rs.500

Rs.5001 to Rs.10,000 – Rs.700

10001 to 25000 – Rs.800

Above 25000 – 1200 Rupees

music limit 2.5% of the line limitation, Rs.500. Statutes.

Eligibility for Yash Rewards Credit Card :-

  • Age should be 21 Years Age 65 Years for Age Card.
  • A steady title horsepower of Ferieff.
  • The customer has to be identified for the Phere Ka card.

Important Letter for Record Rewards Credit Card :-

  • Card letter (Aadhar card, report, data card etc.),
  • Address Proof (Aadhar Card, Report Card, MAN etc.),
  • 01 age size photo,
  • Latest 01 month salary slip,


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