YES Premia Credit Card vs YES First Preferred Credit Card


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Yes Bank has many credit cards and various offers. Hence, it is not easy for a person to stick to only one credit card. But on the other hand it is very difficult to manage two credit cards simultaneously. Therefore, you should do a credit card comparison before finalizing the card. We have discussed the difference between YES Premia Credit Card Vs. Yes First Preferred Credit Card Because both these cards have distinctive features and benefits but a person can afford only one of these. But if you compare the features of both, it will be easy for you to make a one-sided choice. Let us move on to the comparison of both the Yes Bank credit cards.

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Yes Premium vs Yes First Preferred Credit Card Comparison

You can compare the features and other offers of both the cards in the table below. Once you have read the comparison table, you can finalize a card and start using it.

Charges and other charges for Yes Premium Credit Card and Yes First Preferred Card

credit card eligibility

Eligibility Criteria for both the cards


We hope you have noticed all the major differences between yes premium credit card Vs. Yes Preferred credit card before and now you can make a final choice. Both Credit Card are unique in their own way but the fact remains how you use them. You should first analyze your expenses with the credit card and then compare it with the features of the card you are looking for. If the features are the best you can afford, apply for that card right away.


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